Bloktopia Gambling Review: Betting, Casinos, Slots

Bloktopia Gambling

COVID-19 accelerated the growth of the virtual world where people can interact without exposing themselves to health risks. Everything is now done on the internet. From shopping to studies, entertainment, meetings, and even business. But what if we could get into the internet and do all these things as opposed to just doing them remotely? Welcome to Bloktopia. An immersive virtual world where you can live your daily life, shop, study, have fun, and make money. Sounds exciting? Here’s more.

What is Bloktopia

Bloktopia is a blockchain-based VR 21 story tower with deeply immersive experiences on each floor. The high-tech skyscraper is an NFT based economy that allows citizens to hold functions, own virtual real estate, and advertise. Think of it as a massive shopping mall filled with different activities such as businesses, accommodation, entertainment, exchanges, and crypto exhibitions. In case you’re wondering why 21 floors, Bloktopia 21 holds a special meaning in commemorating the 21 million coins that makeup Bitcoin’s maximum supply. The Polygon blockchain meta-universe aims to make crypto trading easier and more convenient. It’s created to be the home of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with an open marketplace for trading in virtual currencies. The goal is to build a united community of crypto users for friendship, discourse, and business. If you’re new to the digital currency world, Bloktopia will help you learn about crypto and how you can take advantage of the 21 levels story futuristic world to revolutionalize your life. Users of the Bloktopia galaxy are called Bloktopians. 

How does it work?

Bloktopians can play, earn revenue and learn through the power of the world’s most advanced 3D video game engine, the 3D Creation Engine. This metaverse is built of real estate products that can be purchased by Bloktopians.

Bloktopia runs on four key concepts. Education, entertainment, monetization, and creation.

Education: The metaverse brings together tones of crypto learning material on one platform. Any Bloktopia meta world member can invest their time in learning about different world cryptos through this program.

Monetization: Some people say money is not everything, but it is until you lack it that you realize why money might be the only thing you need. Bloktopia has numerous revenue-making opportunities for its citizens. For example, you can speculate on real estate, or purchase a real estate block and develop it for monetization. Staking and advertising are also some income-earning streams you may want to consider.

Entertainment: To much work with no play will make you dull. Bloktopia VR first-person interaction is a platform for you to members to socialize, play, relax and feel good.

Creation: Are you the creative type? Take advantage of the user-friendly builder tool to create art, organize events and challenges.

Registering & Info

Bloktopia is still under development, so registration information is still vague. You can yourself updated on any developments by following 

You can still buy BLOK tokens for speculation.

Visit CoinMarketCap to find out the exchanges that offer BLOK. CoinMarketCap will also provide you with a list of options you can use to purchase the coin

Pick your preferred platform and buy your first BLOK token.

Release Date

Bloktopia will officially release Bloktopia Alpha before the end of February 2022. It will be the first playable demo of what we should expect. The official launch of the complete version will be announced later in 2022. You can still buy BLOK tokens as you wait for the Alpha version. BLOK tokens were first listed on KuCoin and HotBot on October 6th, 2021, and November 15th, 2021 respectively.

Bloktopia Gambling Venues

These are top ways residents of Bloktopia can make money.

REBLOK: REBLOK is the term used to refer to the purchase of a real estate in Bloktopia. You can earn by purchasing real-estate blocks and reselling them at a profit.

BLOK: BLOK is the native currency for the Bloktopia skyscraper. You can stake it and earn a percentage of your investment. 

ADBLOK: Earning revenue through advertising is called ADBLOK. Bloktopia partners with key brands to create advertising opportunities within its universe. You can earn by advertising and creating hype for these partners.

Bloktopia Casinos, Sports Betting Bonuses & Promotions

Bloktopia will provide a VR experience for the crypto community, bringing users together all in one immersive and engaging environment. You can play games, including slots at virtual casinos, bet on sports (coming soon) through a truly immersive, first-person perspective of a virtual reality world.

Bloktopia casino betting metaverse gambling

Types of Coins

BLOK is the main coin for the Bloktopia ecosystem, allowing Bloktopians to transact within the platform. BLOK will be required to buy NFTs representing assets as well as pay for upgrades within the system. There is a maximum supply of 200 billion BLOK tokens, with an initial supply of 2 billion circulating tokens. 


How many BLOK tokens are required to join Bloktopia?

You can access Bloktopia for free even if you don’t holsd BLOK. However, you must hold some BLOK tokens to access exclusive privileges on the platform.

Can you purchase Sole Ownership real estate in Bloktopia?

Yes. Bloktopians can invest in fully sole-owned REBLOK between levels 11 and 20 of the tower. Here they are free to develop their space and find tenants. Tenancy fees are set by the owner of a real estate block.

Does Bloktopia have any anchor tenants?

Anti Fund, Polygon, KuCoin, Jake Paul, and Animoca Brands are some of the anchor tenants of this project.

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