CBC.Network and Gambling Token

CBC Network metaverse

You have probably heard of the Canadian broadcasting television network managed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). That’s what comes to most people’s minds when they come across “CBC network.” A little bit of a coincidence, but we’re talking about a more intriguing topic; crypto! CBC network is an Ethereum and Binance standard (ERC-20 &BEP-20) blockchain token created to power crypto iGaming. It’s the next generation play-to-earn and NFT platform for the Metaverse. Behind it is a team of iGaming and blockchain veterans from different spheres of the world. CBC network has gone ahead to partner with some of the leading firms in gaming to create unrivaled gaming designs. CBC is the native coin for the CBC network. If you’re looking for a safe and anonymous gaming environment, you shouldn’t think twice about the CBC network. What you’ll like more about the CBC network is the drastically lower gas fees compared to 

How it Works

CBC network brings together the hottest trends to create one of a kind gaming ecosystem. By combining NFTs, DeFi, and gaming, the CBC network is creating a future of entertainment centered on blockchain across multiple ecosystems. The entire platform is supercharged by CBC tokens to create maximum utility for bother players and developers. You can play, an NFT centered poker game card, and go home with big CBC jackpot rewards. Unlike traditional poker, you’ll be playing with attractively designed NFT cards against other players with a unique set of NFT cards. Players can earn NFT cards by staking CBC coins. You can also participate in the zero-loss lottery pool where players can stake CBC tokens and stand a chance to win huge prizes. It’s called a “zero-loss lottery pool” because you keep your tokens when you miss the price. So technically, you make no loss. Games run on the Binance Smart Chain to keep the costs of transactions as low as possible.

CBC Network Quick Facts
Ticker SymbolCBC
Market Cap$11, 929,792
All-time low$0.00337

Where to Use CBC Tokens

One of the primary focuses of the CBC network at the moment is to boost the utility of CBC tokens. Meanwhile, you can use it for one of the following purposes.

Where to Buy

CBC network partnered with Binance through Binance Smart Chain to streamline the process of purchasing CBC tokens. Anyone holding the old ERC-20 tokens can now get CBC tokens by bridging via Anyswap receive instant CBC tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. At a small fee, users of CBC can bridge to Ethereum. New users of CBC can acquire the tokens by first buying Ethereum on the Binance and bridging it to CBC tokens. The process is lightning fast and efficient.

Follow this link if you want to bridge CBC to the Binance Smart Chain

You can bridge CBC to the Binance Smart Chain at:

You can also buy your CBC tokens from altcoin exchanges like Bittrex, KuCoin, Uniswap, Global, and PancakeSwap. It’s not yet possible to purchase CBC directly with a credit card, so buyers must use a stable coin to purchase CBC. You can buy stable coins like BTC, ETH, or USDT from any major crypto marketplace and send them to your altcoin wallet for purchasing CBC.

CBC Network & Gambling in Metaverse

We expect to see several gambling venues open for metaverse real money players at CBC Network, inculding casinos, poker rooms, sports betting and more.

Is it safe to use the CBC network platform?

Yes, the CBC platform is powered by Ethereum and Binance standards which secure any transaction within its ecosystem. All transactions are handled by third-party processors. You never have to go to an exchange.

How Many Coins Are There?

As of writing this, 155,864,701 coins were circulating out of a maximum supply limit of 401,647,958.

Is CBC token a good investment?

You can buy CBC tokens and hold them as an investment. They are also tradeable on KuCoin with BTC and USDT as CBC/BTC and CBC/USDT. The value of the tokens is likely to increase the CBC network expands the coin’s utility.

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