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Start at DeRace, play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse, win prizes and get promotions.
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De Race Bonus & Review

De Race is a digital horse racing platform in the metaverse powered by DERC. De Race is a go-to platform if you love gaming and gambling at the same time. It imitates real-life horse racing offering players a breathtaking experience.

De Race is based on blockchain NFT and is characterized by different levels of sophistication and success. Crypto NFT gaming has grown drastically over the years and this paints a bright picture for the future of blockchain NFT gaming.

In this article, we are going to explain in layman’s language what DeRace is, what you can do on the De Race platform, and the components of the De Race game just to give you a brief overview of the NFT game. So, let’s get to it!

What is DeRace?

It is a decentralized blockchain-based NFT horseracing game in the metaverse. The gamers fully or partially participate in the game either by buying NFT horses and participating in races, betting on winning horses, or hosting races in hippodromes. The participants can also breed the horses to improve their performance/characteristics and also earn real money while doing so.

The distinct characteristics of the horses are speed, stamina, cool-down time, and appearance. The outcomes of the horse races are transparent and public for all to see thanks to blockchain technology.

What is DERC?

DERC is the native token of the DeRace platform. It is only through DERC that every transaction like user rewards, prizes, entry fees, NFT sales, and the rest is carried out. De Race Coin is an ERC-20 token secured by Ethereum cryptocurrency. The players in De Race earn DERC tokens that they can trade in different exchanges. The gamers earn DERC through hosting races in hippodromes, horse breeding, and horse racing.

What to do on De Race?

De Race can be viewed as real-life horse racing within an online platform.  The gameplay can be complex at first as a beginner but it becomes easier as you continue to play. You can participate in the game as a bettor, horse owner, or bookmaker. As a horse owner, you can breed and sell horses and engage in horse racing competitions.

DeRace is comprised of various gaming components and modes due to the combination of horse racing, gambling, and gaming.

De Race Betting

Players at De Race NFT horse racing metaverse can participate in horse racing or bet on the winning horse. The player can choose an upcoming event on the dashboard to participate in. Players can bet on the top 5 horses or the horse they think would win.

The results and payments are auto-calculated and the players receive the payouts in their accounts immediately after the race finishes and are paid in DERC.

NFT horses

The horses are similar to real-life horses and are uniquely based on their performance, cool-down time, rarity, and value. The clear characteristics are color; cool down time, breed, breeding, shape, and sex. Stamina and speed are hidden traits.

De Race NFT Horses Bonus


You can breed two horses to get a new horse. Two tokens are combined to form one unique token. Female and male horses are involved and the breeding cool down should be at zero. A genetic algorithm creates a third NFT horse by combining the genes of both parents.


A fee is paid when participating in a horse race. The races occur within a hippodrome. The winning horse gets a portion of the bettors’ amount and all of the participant fees. The chance of winning a race is random and is based on RNG technology.


Races take place in a hippodrome. It has a capacity of 10,000 NFT tokens. Anyone can own a portion of it but whoever owns more than 50 % earns the right to manage races. The hippodrome administrators are called bookmakers who make decisions on regulating the races.

In summary, the De Race platform combines three fast-growing industries horse racing, gambling, and gaming. Thanks to blockchain technology, the gaming and gambling demand has been on the rise favoring the De Race platform.  Decentralization of the gaming market promotes transparency, safety, fairness, and privacy making it a lucrative investment you can trust.

What is the bonus code for De Race?

Start at De Race NFT horse racing without a promo code or a bonus coupon.