DraftKings NFT Marketplace Review & DK Metaverse Gambling Options

Draftkings Marketplace

Veteran sports betting and casino firm DraftKings joined the NFTs race 2021 by announcing a partnership with Autograph. The company officially launched its secondary market DraftKings Marketplace NFTs on 11th Aug 2021 by dropping the exclusive NFL Tom Brady NTFs. DraftKings plans to offer numerous sports NFTs. Elite sportsmen and athletes will be featured in different NFT drops. The end game is to provide fans a user-friendly platform for trading digital collectibles across all cultures, sports and entertainment spheres. The most popular drops feature Tiger Woods, Naomi Osaka, Wayne Gretzky, and Tony Hawk NFTs. The list might get longer over time; this is just the beginning.

DraftKings Metaverse Marketplace Quick Overview

NFT MetaverseDraftKings Marketplace
CategoryGaming and Gambling
Operating SystemiOS and Android
CEOJason Robins

DraftKings NFT Marketplace Breakdown

Draftkings NFT Marketplace review

You’ll find both primary and secondary markets for NFTs in the DraftKings marketplace. The primary market shows predetermined dates and times for upcoming drops. Whenever there is a drop, interested users queue in a virtual waiting room and wait to be selected to buy the limited number of NFTs. This selection is random. The initial prices of drops will depend on the edition and their size. Versions with smaller sizes will have a higher price than more readily available NFTs. For example, Ruby edition has the highest price, and lowest count of drops, while Carbon has the highest number of collectibles and lowest price.

Users who get NFTs during the drop can then list them in the secondary marketplace for re-sale at a profit. The secondary market allows users to also place their original creations for sale.

Anyone eligible can access the DraftKings Marketplace the company’s website or mobile app. The platform is easy to use even for members with zero technical know-how. DraftKings is working on expanding the marketplace to include public portfolios and well-structured auctions.


The DraftKings marketplace is currently only available in the US and Canada. Members in both Canada and the US must be over 18 years to use the platform. Regulations in Alabama and Nebraska restrict under 19s from joining DraftMarketplace. If you’re in Iowa, Louisiana, and Massachusetts, wait until you’re 21 to start using this platform.


DraftKings is launching a new program of NFT drops during primetime events to engage fans like never before. Get rewarded for each collection and experience these major sports moments throughout the year.

Get Started With NFT Drfatkings

Getting started with DraftKings marketplace is easy.

  • Make sure you’re eligible (You must be in the US or Canada, and meet the minimum age requirement)
  • Visit the website through this link:
  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Submit your details and you’re good to go.

Preseason Access Pass

The Preseason Access Pass will grant members special rights in the future. First, all holders of this pass will get priority access to NFT drops. They will also have access rights to a private premium Discord group, and exclusive virtual events.

Featured athletes will begin each drop by releasing Signature and Premier drops to the Preseason Access Pass members.


How can I guarantee my spot for NFT drops on the DraftKings Marketplace?

Unfortunately, the allocation of spots is random and there is no guarantee that you will be selected. This is necessary to create a level ground for all the users. Holders of exclusive Preseason Access Pass will be given priority in the future.

How many times do drops happen?

Drops have been happening fives times, each at the end of the hour. The platform is still being developed but there is no indication that this will change.

I am a current user of DraftKings Sportsbook. Can I use my profile in the marketplace?

Definitely yes! Current members of the Sportsbook, DFS, or Casino can access the marketplace with their old details.

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