MetaHero Metaverse Gambling: Casinos, Games & Promo

Metahero gambling

What it is?

Metahero is a Binance Smart Chain platform with ultra-realistic digital modeling technology. It gives users the power to create unique virtual assets and 3D avatars for online games, social media, and virtual reality. It takes advantage of high-tech 3D scanning and tools that analyze the structure of real-world objects and use the data to render them digitally. Metahero users can convert essentially anything from the real world into an accurate NFT representation. The company recently partnered with Wolf Studio, one of the leading technology firms in the 3D scanning sector, in an overture that is likely to see them merge with more powerful tech firms. At the core of Metahero’s goals is to outdo projects like Liberty Gaming in giving artists, entrepreneurs, and gamers access to futuristic virtual opportunities. All NFTs are immutably uploaded on blockchain and monetized.

How does it work?

Metahero installs 3D scanners in different parts of the world to collect data from the real-time world. From scan information, users can develop render and create avatars for the metaverse. Picture this, you’re sitting at home on a boring weekend, so you decide to go horse riding in the metaverse. You have a favorite horse Alexia at home and you want to bring him with you. Is this possible? Normally not, but with Metahero, if it’s possible in the real world, you can do it on the metaverse. Simply take Alexia to the nearest physical Metahero scanning center. Make sure you have enough Hero tokens to pay for the scanners as fiat is not accepted. The scanners will take numerous shots of your horse from various angles, create sample renders you’re good to go. You can now use them to create a 3D avatar of your horse and bring it to the metaverse with you. Metahero users can also scan art pieces to create 3D NFTs and immutably register them on the Wolf Marketplace.

Metahero App

The Metahero app was designed to give users a remarkable crypto experience within the Metahero space. Anyone with an android or iOS system can access it. The current V1 iteration is the world’s first utility token app for Metahero users to manage their expenditure within the ecosystem. Holders of the app can send and receive Hero tokens, pay for scans, and track staking rewards. The user-friendly Metahero app dashboard keeps investors updated on the performance of HERO coins in the trading market. There are plans to upgrade the app and introduce numerous insane features, such as NFT licensing. The company is also working on integrating this app with Visa cards to drive mass adoption for daily utility.

Gambling: how does one make money on Metahero?

Gaming: Users will earn HERO coins every time they play video games in Metahero.

Licensing: License your assets to developers and create extra streams of revenue.

NFTS: NFTs creators can auction them, or sell them directly in the marketplace.

Are there any casinos available at HERO metaverse? You cannot play slots, bet on sports or use real money for poker games at the moment. We expect gambling venues are open by 2025.

Types of Coin?

The HERO token is the “hero” of all transactions within the Metahero ecosystem. All payments, from scanning to licensing and even selling of NFTs are completed in HERO. The maximum supply of the ERC20 HERO coins is 10 billion. The current circulating supply, as of February 2022 is over 5 billion. 

Release Date

The Metahero platform is still under development. According to the website,, additional Metahero 3D chambers will be installed in 2022. You can however invest in HERO coins through the Metahero app for familiarity as you wait for the official release of the full version. Meanwhile let’s wait and see how the launch of Metahero will impact the metaverse gaming movement.

Registration process

As we wait for the official launch of a complete Metahero platform, users can buy tokens through PancakeSwap V2,, and LBank. A visit to will give you more options of altcoin exchanges that currently offer HERO tokens for trading.


  1. How much does it cost to use Metahero 3D scanners?

Metahero 3D scans currently cost $200. Fiat payments are not accepted, so you need to buy $200 equivalent of HERO tokens for your scan payment.

  1. How can I find Metahero scanning chambers near me?

There is one scanner already running in Qatar, with pending plans to install 12 more scanning chambers in the world’s most strategic locations such as New York, Tokyo, and Berlin. Kepp checking the website for updates.

  1. How is buying HERO coins via Metahero app better than using altcoin exchanges?

At present, buying HERO coins is a cumbersome process involving Binance Smart Chain and altcoin exchanges like PancakeSwap. Users with the Metahero app will be able to skip this process and convert their local currency to HERO coins with a click of a button.

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