Metaverse poker

Metaverse Poker

Everything you need to know about playing poker in metaverse/metaworld: how to get started, what bonuses to use, how to buy chips and what VRpoker games are available.

The growth and progression of the metaverse show no signs of slowing down. Many companies are introducing innovations that are fueled by NFTs and this will allow players to experience Metaverse poker excitement. Gaming is becoming very popular since it provides players with a life-like experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere online. With metaverse poker platforms being designed, players will be able to engage in exciting games and earn income playing the games they love.

What is Metaverse Poker?

With metaverse poker, players will be able to create unique characters and engage in multiplayer games of poker. Based on blockchain technology, players will be able to own their character and can play against others on a poker platform. Using cryptocurrencies, players are able to play various games of poker and enjoy the chance of winning top payouts. With metaverse poker, games are more realistic than playing at online casinos, and players will have the ability to engage in real-time play and interact with others as they use skill and strategy to win hands. 

How to Get Started

  1. Use VR headset like Oculus Quest 2 to access metaverse.
  2. Find Pokerstars VR app, install and press start.
  3. Enter Pokerstars VR and click on the watch (left hand) to select the game or head to slots area.
  4. Get exclusive promotions and bonuses.
  5. You can buy chips for real money, however Pokerstars VR does not accept real money for playing poker, you cannot withdraw the winnings either.

To begin playing the poker games that are featured, one will have to invest in NFTs. These can be purchased on the platform itself and are then used to pay entry fees to tournaments or purchase chips to use in various poker games. Each platform will have tokens and its own currency that will be used, so players will have to invest in these with their NFTs. The virtual assets can then be used to engage in poker action, just as you would at an online casino. 

Games to Play

Once more platforms start to emerge in the metaverse, players will have many options when it comes to playing games. The most popular games of poker will be available, allowing players to compete with others for top payouts and enjoy a life-like gambling experience. You can expect top games like Omaha Poker, Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker, and more to be available. Each platform will have different games offered and will also be hosting tournaments that will attract thousands of crypto players.

PokerStars VR

PokerStars is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to playing poker online. There is now a VR version where players can enjoy an immersive experience and enjoy a combination of live and online poker right from home in metaverse environment. Using an Oculus headset, Pokerstars VR metaverse gamblers and poker players are able to talk to others through voice chat, observe hand and head gestures, and enjoy a live gaming experience. Unfortunately, you can’t use real money when playing poker at Pokerstars VR in metvarse yet. Enter a virtual casino where you can take a seat at one of the poker tables and enjoy social interactions. PokerStars VR is not yet available for real money play. 

Metaverse Poker Key Features: Authentic poker, blackjack, roulette & slots action. A fully immersive, social experience -Simple, intuitive, easy to play. Play real opponents. Realistic physics, from cards and chips to balloons, pistols and more. Unlock free chips every day. Certified RNG and stunning playing environments.

metaverse poker
Pokerstars VR – real metaverse poker!


Are real money metaverse poker games now available?

At this time, the poker games that are featured are free to play games that do not require or payout real money.

What is the benefit of metaverse poker?

Players will enjoy an immersive experience that is much more realistic than playing online games. With real-time play, interactions, and the chance to play in massive tournaments, players will find this option to be more enjoyable than standard online games or even live dealer poker.

What Metaverse poker is available?

You can play ICE Poker at Decentraland to earn tokens by playing games and completing challenges. ICE is the currency used.