My Neighbor Alice Metaverse Review & Gambling Deals

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What is Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a crypto-enabled multiplayer farm-builder metaverse game inspired by Animal Crossing and developed by Antler Interactive. The platform allows users to move around making friends, collecting different items like NFTs, and building their empires. You can manipulate your land in any way, create lakes and rivers, raise mountains, form valleys, and even snow. You’re only limited by the scope of your imagination. My Neighbor Alice has a close resemblance to Sandbox. Users first acquire an island which they can then develop to their liking. Even before the metaverse gaming wave, My Neighbor Alice had already grown popular. Antler Interactive decided to ride on the immersive nature of the metaverse to create a better user experience and in this take the game to a whole new level. Alice, the lead character in the game will guide you through the metaverse to help you get familiar and discover new adventures.

How it Works

Players start the game by selecting a unique avatar to use in the game. There is an option to upgrade your avatar by purchasing premium ones. So if you want to be Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or Anna (the CEO) in the game, you simply need to go to the marketplace and buy your avatar. You can purchase your first piece of land in the metaverse. Land, called “parcels,” is in the form of cute virtual islands. So if you have always wanted to own an island, don’t let this chance pass you. The plots and any other items that you will come across in the metaverse are traded as NFTs. You can start designing and building your island as soon as you buy it.

If you love business, My Neighbor Alice gives you all the tools you need to start and grow your own economy. You can sell ice cream, candy, or even set up your own club. Players receive rewards in form of ALICE tokens whenever they complete such activities that make My Neighbor Alice more fun. Take advantage of the custom NTF creator tools to enrich your avatars and make your empire as unique as it can get.

Users can also create utility items for the metaverse and control their scarcity. Players can buy and sell their NFTs in the metaverse marketplace, or external NFT marketplaces like Treasureland. The game is a free-to-play game and will generate income through transaction fees and in-game sale of assets.

My Neighbor Alice Gambling Avenues

Events: Players can earn ALICE tokens by participating in every day in-game events and competitions within the My Neighbor Alice metaverse casinos and betting worlds.

Complete Activities: Every time you manipulate your universe successfully, you earn small amounts of ALICE tokens. So the more NFTs you create, the higher the number of tokens you earn.

Trade NFTs: Trade NFTs in the marketplace to earn ALICE tokens.

Lend NFTs: You can lend your NFTs to other players and in turn, earn a fixed interest in terms of ALICE tokens.

Types of Coins

ALICE is the in-house coin for My Neighbor Alice and the only token that facilitates all transactions within the ecosystem. It’s an ERC-20 token that has value both inside and outside of the My Neighbor Alice metaverse. You can cash out ALICE through any stable coin or trade it for profits. Only 100 million ALICE tokens will ever exist. 20 million of these are held in reserve. 

Alice Token Utility

Holders of the ALICE token can use it for any of the following

Purchases: All in-game assets such as avatars and parcels are purchased using ALICE tokens

Governance: ALICE holders can take place in governance through the community council.

Staking: You can stake your tokens to earn staking rewards as you support the ecosystem.

Play Games: You can play games within the My Neighbor Alice metaverse using ALICE tokens.

Registration Process

You can access the My Neighbor Alice game via Steam or the official My Neighbor Alice website ( The game is not yet available for play but you can invest in the tokens. If you want to invest in the tokens, you can do so through reliable exchanges like Binance, Huobi Global, and KuCoin.

Launch Dates

Early participants were invited to My Neighbor Alice for test-playing in January 2021. The game is expected to be officially released in the course of 2022. 


How does one become Eligible for My Neighbor Alice NFT?

To be eligible, you need to join both the My Neighbor Alice and Sandbox community.

Can I use Sandbox NFTs in My Neighbor Alice?

Sandbox NFTs have no vakue in the My Neigbor Alice game.

How many ALICE tokens are already in circulation?

There are only 16 million ALICE tokens circulating within the My Neighbor Alice ecosystem. The rest will be distributed to the community & marketing (15 million), token sales (16 million), incentives (5 million), in-game rewards (8 million), staking reserve (20 million), and the team (15 million).

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