Sandbox Gambling: Casinos, Venues, Bonuses

Sandbox Gambling

The blockchain-based video gaming space is growing fast, especially with the development of non-fungible tokens. Sandbox metaverse is one of the crypto projects sitting at the center of this transformation. The contrivance of con-founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borgert differentiates itself from rival projects by adopting a user-generated content creation system. It’s a laboratory of both technophobic and tech-savvy creative minds that want to stretch their imagination. Let’s learn more in this article.

What is Sandbox?

Have you seen the kind of creativity that kids display in a sandbox? From construction to mining and even painting, children tend to exhibit out-of-the-world ideation when playing with sand. This is the concept underpinning the Sandbox crypto gaming company. It’s a metaverse that gives its members an open floor to explore their inventiveness in the gaming world. Members can design games, create flora and fauna, and monetize their gaming skills through the power of Ethereum blockchain technology. Creators have the leeway to build any kind of virtual object to populate the metaverse. The Sandbox gives ownership rights as NFTs holders. It aims to stand out as the most immersive metaverse as it brings a distinctive experience in gaming. Some leading veterans in the entertainment space such as Atari and BoredApeYatchClub are already partners with Sandbox. It also attracted key collaborations such as Everdreamsoft, Snoop Dog, South China Morning Post, Adidas, and CryptoKitties.

When was Sandbox started?

Sandbox was launched on the 29th of November 2021, after four years of development. Follow their roadmap here.

How it Works

Think of the Sandbox as a formless space waiting to be developed by different people according to their needs and abilities. Economists categorize factors of production into land, labor, entrepreneurship, and capital. The sandbox has VoxEdit, NFT Marketplace, and Game Maker. 

VoxEdit: VoxEdit is a powerful tool for creating and animating 3D objects in the sandbox metaverse. Members can use it to build vehicles, humans, animals, and any other tools in 3D. Creators secure ownership rights through smart contracts powered by the Ethereum blockchain and upload their creations into an InterPlanetary File System for decentralized storage.

NFT Marketplace: The sandbox NFT marketplace is a monetization tool for products created with VoxEdit. Sandbox content creators can publish and sell their NFT products to the community on this platform. The most common method of selling items in the NFT marketplace is through an initial sale offer.

The Game Maker: Sandbox caters to all creative minds regardless of their programming skills. So if the only thing standing between you and your first fully owned game is coding, then the Game Maker is what you need. This tool allows any sandbox user to develop a 3D game for free without any coding skills. 

Sandbox Casinos & Gambling Venues

Sandbox casino gambling

If you’re looking for ways of playing casinos for real money in the virtual metaverse, the Sandbox offers you three main revenue generation avenues:

Voxel Assets: You can become a creator and build assets with VoxEdit, and publish them as NFTs for sale in the Marketplace.

Game Maker: Games developed with Game Maker can be monetized to generate revenue

Land: You can also buy land in the Sandbox Metaverse and resale it at a higher value, or rent it out to earn revenues.

Currently, they are building the Sand Vegas Multiverse Casinos at Sandbox metaverse. The SandVegasCasinoClub Gamblers are unique hand-drawn PFP NFT over 200+ different traits. The Gamblers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to earn money at Sandbox casino?

With the SandVegasCasinoClub NFT collection we will fund the creation of one of the largest Online Casinos in the Sandbox Metaverse. Every SandVegasCasinoClub NFT holder will get a share of the profits generated in our SandVegasCasino. Each NFT held, will automatically enter you into our profit-share program. They distribute 50% of the profits generated in the Casino to all NFT holders.

Types of Coins

The main coin for the Sandbox is Sand. To create an efficient economy between all users, the platform has two extra tokens; land and assets. Let’s dive deeper:

Sand: Sand is an Ethereum standard token (ERC-20) that facilitates all transactions and interactions within the Sandbox ecosystem. To keep off forced devaluation and ensure sand remains valuable, only 3 billion sand tokens will ever exit.

Land: Land is a digital plot of real estate represented by an NFT as an ERC-721 token. You can buy land to fill it with games, different assets or to create your own little paradise. The Sandbox metaverse has 166,464 pieces of land only. No more plots will ever be created in the future. This means the land will keep appreciating and can be viewed as a financial investment.

Assets: Assets are ERC-1155 tokens created by content generators. They are mainly developed for creation purposes in the Game Maker. Owners of assets can monetize them in the marketplace.

Registration Process

The registration process for Sandbox is straightforward. Simply go to the website and create an account. The company allows anyone to register, and people are signing up in large numbers. So you don’t want to be the odd one out. You can download the Game Maker for free and start creating tones of assets without any programming skills. 


Why is Blockchain important in gaming?

Blockchain enables creators to tokenize games and decide how they want to monetize or give usage rights for their items.

Can I upload an asset in the Sandbox marketplace?

Sandbox has creators and players. Gamers can’t upload assets to the marketplace. Only creators recognized by the creators fund can do so.

How many games will the Sandbox have?

Sandbox won’t just have a single game. The company has left the ecosystem open for any member to build and monetize games. To that point, we can not surely tell how many games it will have, but expect it to be filled with tones of games offerign different experiences.

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