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Somnium Space Gambling

The metaverse frenzy is mopping across the universe like a wildfire. Facebook rebranding to Meta and investing in the metaverse stepped up the game. Somnium Space is one of the projects that has already joined the metaverse supremacy gambling battle. Metaverses vary, some are deeply immersive, others merely have scant VR aspects. With the popularity of VR platforms like Rumii, AltSpace, and VRChat, the last three years have spearheaded immense growth in this space. Both new and older entrants are putting forward their A-game. Somnium Space is one of the participants that are already shaking up things in the metaverse. Stick around to learn more.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is an open-source VR application that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It focuses on providing one of the best VR experiences to users. The primary focus is to promote interaction within users, purchase virtual real estate, build homes, run entrepreneurial ventures, hold live concerts and play high-resolution video games. Somnium Space gives users unlimited opportunities to monetize products as much as their creativity allows. You can build a shopping mall where users can come for shopping, go to the movie theater, have meals in fancy restaurants, and even rent an apartment. The best part is that you earn every time someone visits your VR world. It’s available on the web, VR, and PC. The goal is to develop a cross-platforms-world that’s easily accessible from any device and to continue growing it in tandem with the expansion of blockchain technology.

Somnium Space Karma levels are symbols of status in the VR representing the perception of citizens towards each other. Karma levels are based on three key metrics:

Rating: Based on how ethical a player mingles with the rest of the community members.

Engagement: Measures the economic power of a user in terms of land ownership, new world explorations, and time invested in gaming.

Other Factors: Public activities like taking part in social groups, and organizing events within the platform.

Players with higher Karma points earn more CUBE rewards.

How it Works

Somnium Waypoint is the first town that you get to when you first enter Somnium. It’s strategically located at the center ecosystem. It’s filled with exciting attractions such as the Deep Oasis Lake, bowling venues, and an auditorium for live events.

Participants in Somnium Space play from one vast galaxy where they can build customizable environments and independent virtual reality experiences. Players can import NFTs from within the Somnium Space universe, and tokenize in-game assets for value transfer, through the power of the Ethereum blockchain. This VR space comprises three major tokens. Let’s have a look at them.

Land Parcels: Land parcels are necessary for any player that wants to build an independent environment. Each plot is an ERC-721 NFT, which means they are all unique and can’t be reproduced, just like in the real world. Everyone is free to own land through OpenSeas markets. The value of land is determined by the location in the ecosystem.

Avatars: Every player is represented in the Somnium Space VR by a persona; avatar. So, having an avatar is a way of establishing your character within Somnium Space. Players can buy avatars as part of their assets, or design and upload their avatars of any size and shape.

Somnium Cube: This is the native token of the platform. It streamlines all transactions within the Somnium Space VR world.

Release Date

Somnium Space was launched in 2017 by the CEO, Artur Sychov, and officially released to the public in September 2018.

Types of Coins

ERC20 token CUBE is the primary crypto that is used in all Somnium Space in-game transactions. Players can use CUBE to purchase products, rent land, get admission to the amusement park, and buy NFTs. CUBE has a maximum supply of 100 million coins. Sign up here:

Gambling Opportunities, Casinos & Betting

Somnium Space gives numerous profitable opportunities to users of all levels

  • Developers can trade their tokenized assets and avatars for money.
  • Content creators can monetize virtual experiences.
  • Gaming developers can offer free trials and monetize their games.
  • Entrepreneurs can set up digital businesses and offer services for profit.
  • Artists can showcase and sell their 2D and 3D paintings.
  • Schools and colleges can offer fully immersive learning experiences at a fee.

Somnium Space Bonuses & Promotions for Casinos

We expect several casino venues to open in the Somnium Space by 2025. You will be able to play virtual poker, slots and bet on sports for real money. New customer offers, promotions and bonus codes, including special rewards are expected. Currently, there are no live offers available.

Somnium Space casino venues


Is Somnuim Space decentralized?

Somnium Space is centralized, unlike many blockchain-based games. They are slowly moving towards decentralization, having started by transferring all virtual assets, including land to the blockchain. We are likely to see more decentralized features in the future.

Does Somnium Space have a maximum supply limit of parcels?

Yes, Somnium Space has only 5,026 parcels available for purchase. The limited supply of land helps to keep their value high.

What can I do with virtual land?

You can sell your virtual land at a profit or build a virtual experience that will attract other users at a fee.

Where can I find Events at Somnium Space?

Find latest events and meetups here

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