Top 10 Gambling Tokens

Gambling Tokens

Gamblers are not laying a bet when it comes to newer trends. They are quick off the mark with technological evolution in their niche. Covid 19 did not just come with lockdowns and quarantines. For gamblers, it popularized gaming and gambling tokens. You probably have an idea about this, but there are still many unanswered questions around this topic. So read on as we break this into tiny edible particles. We won’t forget to share with you the top 10 gambling tokens for 2022. 

How Gambling Tokens Work

Traditional gaming and gambling involved leasing in-game items such as amour, and these assets would remain locked within specific virtual boundaries. But how interesting would it be if players could trade assets across different games? How about doing away with checks and having a standard currency for all e-casinos? That is where gambling tokens come it.  You stake in cryptos and also get paid in form of crypto tokens. These tokens are used in online casinos in place of fiat.  Each transaction creates a permanent blockchain record as players place their bets, lose or win. It’s convenient to gamble and get paid with top crypto tokens because you don’t have to foot currency conversion fees every other time. This only works in sites that allow you to deposit crypto tokens and use them directly as currency.

Best Tokens for Crypto Gambling

Several factors come into play when choosing the best gambling tokens. We have made it easier for you by listing the top 10 gambling tokens for 2022. Here is a list the best gambling tokens in the order of their marketcap.

TokenTicker SymbolMarket Cap
Decentral GamesDG$118.1M
Atari TokenATRI$43.8

Buying Gambling Tokens

You need to sign-up for an account with a crypto exchange like Binance to buy gambling tokens. Most crypto merchants have easy registration procedures. Pick your preferred exchange, submit your details, wait for verification of your data, fund your account, and you’re good to go. Binance, CEX.IO, and Bitfinex are some of the reliable sites where you can buy gambling tokens in 2022. 

  • Binance: Binance is one of the largest crypto trading platforms in the world. It started in China in 2017 and later found a home in Malta, where it’s headquartered. Binance supports over 500 coins, but U.S customers can only access 60 cryptos, through Binance US.
  • CEX.IO: CEX is a British-owned crypto exchange. It grew popular due to its low fees, especially for credit and debit cards transactions. CEX.IO boasts of over 4M subscribers in Europe. It has recently joined the US market by obtaining MTL licenses in 31 states.
  • Bitfinex: Having started operations in 2012, Bitfinex is among the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. It has a streamlined registration process and affordable transaction charges. Bitfinex is a great choice for both new and seasoned crypto users.

Where to use Gambling Tokens

Use your gambling tokens in any online casino that has blockchain gambling compatibility. Sometimes technology grows faster than its market. Casinos and game developers are still adjusting to the blockchain space, where transactions can be fast and anonymous. Several online platforms have, however, picked up this new trend. mBit Casino gives you a 110% deposit bonus of up to $100 and 300 free spins for your first crypto deposit. You can also sign up with to play live roulette and space XY with crypto. Bitstarz doubles your stake by up to 1 BTC for your first deposit.

Top Tips for Crypto Gambling

Crypto gaming introduces some concerns that may affect your success. Here are some tips to facilitate your navigation when using gambling tokens.

  • KYC: Some know your customer procedures may be tiring. You may want to find a site with quick verification procedures. Be careful with bookmarkers that lack a KYC process as they may not be properly regulated.
  • Crypto Price: Always pay attention to fluctuations in crypto prices and consider how this may affect your payout while gaming.
  • Choice of token: First find out the crypto tokens that are accepted by your bookmarker, then pick the most suitable in terms of stability and usability.
  • Conversion fees: Where you need to convert your cryptos, consider going for a site with low conversion charges.


What is the main challenge of using gambling tokens?

The answer is impressionistic but one of the major challenges is finding the best token. That is why we put together this article.

Can you speculate with gaming tokens?

Absolutely. Gambling tokens saw their values skyrocket as Covid 19 forced the industry to adopt new gaming models.

Do all coins have the same value?

Just like fiat currency, the value of gambling tokens varies depending on their demand, which is created by their popularity.

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