VR Poker Guide

VR poker is quickly becoming a top choice for fans of this classic casino game. Instead of playing computerized games featured at online casinos, players can use special headsets to enjoy an immersive experience. With VR poker, you can play just as you would in a land casino. While there are not many sites that offer full VR features, there are some great social casinos that are VR capable. The offering of real money games will be coming soon as VR gaming is strig to become a focus for many software developers and online gaming operators.

What is Virtual Reality Poker?

VR poker is a great way to enjoy the game. Many players have already experienced online poker, which is controlled by an RNG and is a computerized game. With VR poker, players will be immersed in the environment and experience. Using VR headsets, one can see everything going on around them and can interact with items and people. This type of poker presents the feeling of being right in a land casino and sitting at the tables. The games are visually enhanced and gameplay takes place in real-time.

Not only will players be able to enjoy standard games at a table, but can also engage in exciting tournament play. By entering the digital world, you will have the same experience as you would at large tourneys, adding to the thrills of playing. 

How Can I Play?

To get started playing VR poker, you will need a few things. This cutting-edge form of gambling is relatively new, so you will not find it offered at many sites. There are a few VR casinos that are operating that feature poker games along with some VR social gaming sites.

To begin playing,  you will need to acquire a VR headset. These can be costly, but there are some great options such as Oculus Rift, Daydream View, and Samsung Gear. You will then have to create an account with a VR casino and fund that account with real money. Al you have o do now is use your funds to enter a game or tournament, find a comfy position at home, and engage in the most realistic form of poker offered anywhere online. 

Is VR Poker Available in all Countries?

VR poker can be played all over the world. As mentioned, many sites offer social games where no real money is needed. With these options, players anywhere can enjoy the thrills of playing virtual reality games and have the feeling of being in a real casino setting. As VR becomes more accepted in the online gambling industry, players will find that more online casinos will start supporting VR games. These will be available to those that reside in countries where online gambling is legal. There may be some restrictions due to what software is used to create games, but players in many locations worldwide will have access to these amazing virtual titles.


What games can be played?

When you access a social gaming site or a VR casino that features poker, you will find the most popular games offered. These will include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Casino Hold’em, and stud games.

Are there minimum computer specs required?

Yes. To get the full experience playing VR poker, you will need a CPU with Intel Core i.5 or faster, 8G or more of ram, 2 USB ports, and Windows 7 or better.

Can I play VR poker on a mobile device?

If you have a device that meets the specs required to operate the VR headset, you can play using your smartphone or tablet. 

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