VR Roulette Guide

Online gambling is always transforming and with new technology being used, players have new and exciting ways to enjoy their favorite games. If you like to place bets on the roulette table and want a realistic experience, you will want to check out the offerings of VR roulette. With this, you will be immersed in a life-like environment where players are represented by avatars. You have the ability to interact with players, dealers, and those walking the casino floors.

VR roulette provides players with the ability to enjoy the game just as they would in a land casino. All bets are offered and there are even real money games that can now be played at leading websites. If you like this classic game and want to play in real-time, VR is the way to go. These games are far more realistic than standard casino games and even beat out the newest live dealer options.

Try VR Roulette

Microgaming has developed a great VR roulette game, but it has not yet been released to online casinos. While waiting for this to become available, players are able to play at Social Club VR on Steam. This option provides many great games including roulette. Here, you can create an avatar and practice a roulette strategy that will help you when you are able to place real money bets. 

While roulette is one of the most popular table games enjoyed by gamblers you will not find a real money version of VR roulette offered quite yet. Most developers are focusing on creating VR slots to entice players and will then start working on the offering of table and card games. In the meantime, there are some great social casinos operating and apps that can be used to experience VR roulette for free.

Live vs VR Roulette

One of the problems developers are facing is being able to create a VR roulette game that will draw players. With the offering of live dealer roulette games, players are already able to interact with dealers and players and enjoy the game in real-time. There is not much that can be done with this game to enhance the user experience. For VR games to be successful, they must present elements that are not already being used online. VR roulette will become available, but developers may have to rethink how to make the game appealing, is could include combining live dealer elements with virtual environments to enhance the experience.


What games will be offered?

When developed master the VR roulette game you can expect the most popular versions to be offered. These will include American, European, and French Roulette.

Can I play for real money?

At this time, there are no operating sites or apps that provide a chance to engage in real money play with VR roulette. You can find some free games that are offered online and can even find some apps, but none offer the ability to place real money bets.

VR is fair?

Yes. When you are able to place real money bets on VR roulette games, you can expect these games to offer fair and random results. While they provide a life-like experience, the results will still be controlled by an RNG to ensure that all players have the same chances of winning and to make sure that games cannot be rigged.

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