What is a FUN Token and How to Use?

Fun Token

FUNToken is a crypto solution for gaming companies that securely link players in real-time. It was created to increase fairness and the user experience of players while providing efficiency for the entire gaming ecosystem. FUNToken is the most preferred gaming token for the Gen Y and Z online crypto gamers. Driven by Ethereum’s technology, this token offers speed and transparency in gaming. Think of Fun token as the “OG” when it comes to decentralized gaming and gambling. It was first developed by FunFair Technologies in 2017. FunFair rebranded to FUNToken in 2021 with a new use case, aiming at powering the entire decentralized gaming industry.

How Fun Token Works

The FUN concept is straightforward. Gamers and gamblers have used token chips to symbolize money for years. FUN is an attempt to transfer the traditional gaming model into blockchain. It replaces the traditional chip within dApps and virtual games.

FUN is the ticker symbol for FUNToken and the coin that powers the whole crypto-gaming system. The coin is like a betting check that sets players against the house when gambling, but in this case, the owners of the game receive an additional financial reward. FUNToken does not run on an independent blockchain, rather relies on the Ethereum technology. This relationship ties the functioning of FUN to all the benefits of Ethereum and gives it more credibility. Many other coins are trying to achieve the same goal, but what makes FUN stand out? Apart from being a niche coin, FUNToken has established unrivaled ties with internet games and Casinos, making it a go-to token for both developers and gamers.

FUN Coin Facts

ValueMarket CapVolumeCirculating SupplyMarket Dominance
$0.009548$104,867,334$5,748,77310.99B FUN0.01%

Where to Buy FUNToken

Some cryptos like FUN cannot be purchased directly on any decentralized exchange. You will need a mainstream coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum to trade for FUNToken. 

Here are some of the decentralized exchanges that we recommend for purchasing FUNToken.

ExchangeDeposit MethodAverage 24 hour VolumeWebsite
BinanceCryptocurrencyCredit CardDebit CardSimplexKoinalBanxa

Gate.ioCredit CardDebi CardCryptocurrencyApply PayGoogle Pay

Uniswap v3Ethereum
CEX.IODebit CardCredit CardBank TransferSkrill

BitfinexDebit CardsCredit CardsCryptocurrency

Where to use FUNToken?

Casino Owners

FUNToken disrupts traditional gambling by introducing transparent, fast, and fair blockchain-based gambling protocols. Operators can set up fully customized player experiences for Casino games like slots and baccarat and go live in just two clicks when ready. Unlike traditional gaming platforms, FUNToken gives the operators a license to set up a casino under a private label. All this is made possible by the Ethereum blockchain technology.


Speed and cost of betting are some of the key challenges developers have failed to address in the blockchain gaming sphere. If you’re looking for cost-effective friction-less gaming, then you shouldn’t think twice about FUNToken. FUNToken is the only one that provides instant numerous blockchain games to players to date. FUNToken cuts down gaming fees by making sure FUN is the sole token for all transactions. Gamers use FUN to purchase spins and chips, Casinos and white labels finance their operations with FUN. All fees throughout the system are in FUN.


Did you know that the world-leading crypto hotel listing site, Travala, partnered with FUNToken in the last quarter of 2021? Well, you can now book over 2 million travel products in 230+ countries worldwide using FUN. So if you are both a gamer and traveler, you now know where to spend your FUN earnings.

Who is the founder of FUNToken?

Oliver Hopton, Jeremy Longley, and Jez San are the brains behind this digital token. All the founders have extensive gaming design and development experience of over 40 years combined.

Is FUN tradable?

Yes, you can trade FUN? Well, FUN is not listed on any stock exchange, but you can access it through Binance, Uniswap, BitFinex, and any other major EFTs.

What is the utility rate of FUNToken?

A strong community of over 300,000 users supports FUNToken, and the numbers are not getting any lesser.

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