What is Atari Gambling Token?

Atari chain Token

Atari token is a decentralized crypto built on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20 technical standards. Atari Chain, the veteran games developer who pioneered early video game culture created this coin to facilitate payment within their own interactive Atari entertainment ecosystem. Since the token’s launch in July 2020, Atari has been gearing towards becoming a universally accepted currency in the video game space. The goal is to have developers monetize their products by taking advantage of Atari’s ERC-20 protocols for smart contracts and in-game assets ownership.

Atari Token Overview

CyrptocurrencyAtari Token
Native Coin (Ticker Symbol)ATRI
Market Cap$60,773,317
All-time High$0.7962
All-time Low$0.0064
Maximum supply Cap7.481 Billion tokens

How it Works 

Atari token facilitates the interactive gaming industry where it has developed a decentralized, permissionless, and effective channel for value exchange between players and video game platforms. Atari has a network of smart platforms that house interactive online games and casinos. The platform is fully supported by ATRI and enjoys all the benefits of Ethereum blockchain technology. Atari’s native coin, ATRI, can be used to pay for video games and gambling betting products within the Atari online entertainment platform. Players can stake ATRI coins against each other while playing and video game, and in the end, the winner takes home the agreed price in ATRI tokens. You can choose to spend your reward within the Atari platform or convert your tokens into any other crypto or fiat on an ERC-20 supported exchange.

The main goal is to offer a solution that makes transactions easier, more rapid, and reliable. Atari also aims to bring developers from different parts of the world to work together through smart contracts, without worrying about how they will make their money. According to the white paper, Atari might expand to other industries if demand necessitates it in the future.

Where to Buy Atari

ATRI is available for purchase in most exchange-traded funds. Here is some guidance in case you’re wondering how to go about picking the best place to buy ATRI.

  • Consider the transaction cost, regulation, and use-friendliness of different crypto merchants before transacting with their platform.
  •, Coinbase, Binance, Hotbit, Coingecko, Uniswap V2, Pancakeswap V2, and BitBay are among the most trusted platforms for buying ATRI in 2022. 
  • The company is working on enlisting its coin on as many exchanges as possible to increase accessibility for users in different regulations.

Keep in mind that you cannot buy ATRI directly. You will need to first buy or deposit another crypto on a decentralized exchange before using it to acquire Atari tokens.

Where to use ATARI

Currently, you can only use ATRI within the Atari digital entertainment space that hosts video games and gambling platforms. Atari chain is working towards making ATRI easy to integrate into other games, opening up a future where ATRI will be compatible with many third-party platforms. Being a pioneer in the communication and gaming industry, it is only a matter of time before ATRI goes mainstream.

Can you invest in ATRI?

Yes, you don’t have to purchase ATRI only for gaming. If you’re a speculator, ATRI is a good choice for long-term investments. Don’t expect overnight riches, but you can expect good returns in the long term. In September 2021, Atri token rose by 72% after announcing fantom usage.

How different is Atari for Bitcoin?

Atari offers diverse uses that Bitcoin cannot match. Bitcoin’s utility ends at storing and transferring monetary value. On the other hand, ATRI is both a currency and a token used in the virtual world of gaming.

How is the Atari network secured?

Since ATRI is an ERC-20 token, it is secured by Ethereum based Ethash cryptographic algo.

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