What Play To Earn Games Mean For The Economy and The Metaverse

Metaverse economy

The high value is pouring into projects designed for the metaverse and play-to-earn gaming points to the next iteration of the crypto boom. Crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike know the internet economy better than anyone.

Crypto and e-sports are teaming up to give fans a rewarding experience through meaningful engagement. The purpose is to link fandom and gaming with the money of the internet – cryptocurrency. Financial literacy and education are at the heart of the mission. The belief is the more aware the user, the more sustainable the economy.

Play-to-Earn Games Build Sustainable Economies

Internet economies are the future of money. If we have learned anything in the past two years, knowledge and retail economies can thrive online.

Axie Infinity, the most successful play-to-earn game, prides itself on its in-game economics from earning reward tokens for completing missions and winning battles. Gamers who win seasons can earn governance tokens as rewards. These tokens can be used to buy more Axies or breed more Axies sold on the marketplace.

Users of the game can also swap their ethereum based tokens for any other token on the blockchain. Earners can also spend some of their in-game rewards in the real world.

Economic Impact of Play-to-Earn Games

We now live in a world where success in a video game can lead to economic opportunities. We no longer live in a world where earning a living playing video game is limited to playing for reward money in esports tournaments. Gamers will now use their earnings to sustain their day-to-day lives. 

The winnings from games such as Axie Infinity generate real-world impact in some developing countries. Some of these people may have otherwise earned a few dollars a day, and now their income is supplemented by video games!

The Future Of Work Is Gaming

Play-to-earn games can only be as successful as the number of users and the real-world impact of taking in-game success to sustain a living. The model to earn a decent living without engaging in precarious work is gaining more popularity across the world. Play-to-earn gaming is here to stay.

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