Zed Run Review & Bonus
Zed Run

Zed Run Review & Bonus

Start playing ZED RUN, create stable, breed horses and win prizes and bonuses in ETH
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Zed Run NFT Horse Racing Review

Zed Run is a blockchain (Ethereum) based horse racing platform that utilizes the Matic Polygon network to offer NFT horses that you can race for money or breed. The company behind Zed Run is Virtually Human Studio (VHS) and has partnered with NASCAR, Atari, and Stella Artois.

Zed Run is simple to understand. The players buy horses in the form of NFTs from native or second-hand markets like Opensea. The users can then use the horses in Zed Run to race against other players for real money prizes or breed them to improve their performance.

Start playing ZED RUN and win by conecting your Metamask wallet.

Zed Run Welcome Bonus

New players at Zed Run get a free racing bonus. This offer allows newcomers to hit the race track fast, and for free. No promo code is required to redeem this bonus deal.

  • Free buy-ins means $0 nomination fees.
  • The majority of free races will have a prize pool up for grabs.
  • Three (3) racehorse per stable, per free race is allowed.
Zed Run Bonus

Building a stable

It will cost you money to build a stable. You will first need a horse which will cost you between a few hundred dollars or more. Zed Run has its marketplace for horses but is usually sold out due to high demand. You can buy a horse in the Opensea market for NFTs, Discord, or knowyourhorse.com.

You will then need a Metamask wallet to make this possible. Metamask is an Ethereum wallet that operates as a browser extension that allows you to move Ethereum around. You can then connect your Metamask wallet to Zed Run and follow the procedure to establish a stable.

You will need to swap your Eth to wEth (Wrapped Ethereum) within Metamask. WERTH is used instead of ETH since you will be using ERC-20 contracts created after ETH.

All ZED RUN racehorses are owned by stable owners and viewable on OpenSea. Racehorses listed by stable owners and marked as “Buy Now” allow you to purchase them instantly.Other racehorses listed by stable owners may only be available for negotiated offers. OpenSea charges a fee of 2.5% (which may vary). ZED RUN takes 2.5% of any trade in OpenSea.

Horse selection

Consider the following factors before selecting your first horse


  • Four bloodlines exist with different attributes.
  • Nakamoto: They are rare and the purest. They are very expensive.
  • Szabo: Relatively rare but affordable.
  • Finney: The Buterin and Finney bloodlines can be down the chain but are also very competitive.
  • Buterin: It is a common breed that is healthy, fast, and sturdy.


This is the number of a horse represented by the letter Z. They range from Z1 to Z268. The lower the number the purer the horse. Genesis horses range from Z1-Z10.

Zed Run Promotions

Breed Type

There are six types of breeds in order of scarcity i.e. genesis, legendary, exclusive, elite, cross, and pacer. Genesis is the purest breed and is in very high demand. The number of Genesis horses is fixed at 38,000.

Zed Run Racing

To indulge in a race you need to familiarize yourself with your horse’s class and Z rating. In Zed Run there are 6 classes:

  • Griffin- unraced horse
  • Class 5- Z rating 0-20
  • Class 4- Z rating 21-40
  • Class 3- Z rating 41-60
  • Class 2 – Z rating 61-80
  • Class 1- includes the best and most expensive horses with a Z rating of over 81

These classes are arranged for racehorses with similar abilities for maintaining fairness. If it is your first time racing the Griffin level is the best to determine the base rating of your horse. A class level will be assigned to your horse after the race and you will have an idea of the talents your horse has.

Horses are awarded Z points at the end of each race depending on their performances i.e. Position 1 has 4 points, position 2 has 3 points, position 3 has 2 points, and so on. There are also negative points from positions 8 and above. Note that no points are awarded for positions 5-8.

ZED RUN Breeding

There are four types of horses’ i.e.

  • Colt-male horse with no offspring
  • Stallion-male horse with offspring
  • Mare-female horse with offspring
  • Filly-female horse with no offspring

The owner of a female horse pays a stud fee to breed. The fee is split among the male horse owner, prize pool, and Zed Run. The owner of the female horse keeps the offspring. A male horse can sire three offspring monthly while a female horse can give birth to only one offspring monthly. No horse participates in races while in breeding mode. Breeding happens in the Stud farm and the minimum fee for breeding is 0.075 ETH.

So far if you like what you’ve heard and want to make a side hustle then you should give it a try. Head over to Zed Run and learn everything that you need to know. You can earn a decent ROI since it is an attractive long-term investment.

What is the promo code for Zed Run?

To start at Zed Run NFT horse racing, new players do not need a bonus code or coupons.